Jahorina proudly opens its slopes on Sunday, November 26th, becoming the first destination in the entire region to kick off the new ski season. The Olympic Center “Jahorina” has issued a statement announcing the start of this exciting season, illuminated by a generous discount of up to 70% on daily ski passes.

Skiers will have the opportunity to enjoy a first-class experience on the 1b slope, which will be open to all winter sports enthusiasts. Additionally, the conveyor belt within the Poljice area is ready to provide an extra dose of fun and challenge.

The anchor on Poljice is expected to be put into operation, and the operating hours of the ski resort will be from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, allowing plenty of time for all visitors to indulge in the winter joys.

See you on the peaks of Jahorina, where snow and fun await to create unforgettable moments together!

Check out the ski info for today and the web cameras for snow depth.