Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, at the crossroads of different cultures, traditions, and historical layers. A city with a rich past and a vibrant present, Sarajevo is a unique destination that attracts visitors with its authenticity, hospitality, and incredible contrasts.

Sarajevo has a fascinating history that spans various epochs and influences. The city has witnessed significant events, reflected in its architecture, museums, and monuments. The historic Baščaršija, an oriental bazaar from the Ottoman era, remains a lively center filled with traditional markets, cafes, and craft shops.

The city takes pride in its multicultural atmosphere, where different religious and ethnic communities coexist. Visitors can explore numerous mosques, churches, synagogues, and other religious sites, each with its own story and architectural expression. The city offers a rich cultural program, including various festivals, concerts, and art exhibitions throughout the year.

Sarajevo is a culinary delight, where traditional recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Baščaršija’s ćevapi, japrak, baklava, and other local specialties will captivate your taste buds and provide an authentic culinary experience.

In addition to its cultural richness, Sarajevo is surrounded by beautiful nature. The mountains surrounding the city offer spectacular views and opportunities for hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. Vrelo Bosne, located just a few kilometers from the city center, provides a peaceful oasis by the river.

Many cafes, clubs, and bars open their doors at night, offering diverse music and atmospheres. The city hosts numerous cultural events and concerts that cater to music lovers of all genres.

Sarajevo is a city that will enchant you with its unique beauty, the warmth of its residents, and the charm that emanates from every corner. Visitors here experience a blend of past and present, East and West, creating unforgettable memories that remain etched in their minds.


  • Population: 413,593
  • Sarajevo Canton
  • Area: 1276.9 km²

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