Ogorjelica Jahorina

Ogorjelica is one of the key components of the Jahorina mountain, offering a captivating haven for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Situated in the central part of Jahorina, it derives its name from the highest peak, Ogorjelica, standing at 1916 meters. Ogorjelica boasts a wealth of ski slopes and an exhilarating atmosphere.

The central area of Ogorjelica encompasses the base station of the six-seater Ogorjelica I, which serves as the heart of the skiing experience in this region. This modern six-seater provides a swift connection to the mountain’s summit, allowing skiers to reach the top quickly and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and expanses. Numerous apartments and hotels are situated around the six-seater, providing convenient access to vertical transportation.

Not far from Ogorjelica I is the two-seater lift Ogorjelica II, an additional element of the ski infrastructure that contributes to the overall experience on Jahorina. This lift offers additional options for descending the slopes, catering to different skill levels and skiers’ preferences.

Ogorjelica is home to two intermediate-level, red-marked slopes, numbered 2 and 3. These slopes offer challenging ascents and exciting descents, perfect for more experienced skiers seeking adrenaline rushes.

Nearby is the Emir Kusturica Gondola, named after the renowned director. Interestingly, it is situated on the ski slope named after the greatest tennis player of all time, Novak Đoković. Ski slope number 8 falls into the easy, blue category and can be connected to the red slopes 2 and 3.

The six-seater Ogorjelica I transports skiers to the mountain’s summit, near the highest peak of Jahorina, Ogorjelica, at 1916 meters. The two-seater Ogorjelica II takes skiers closer to the slopes in Rajka and Olimpik, while the Emir Kusturica Gondola transports skiers slightly lower, facilitating an easier transition to the slopes leading towards Poljice.


  • Six-seater Ogorjelica 1 (1330m – 5 minutes)
  • Two-seater Ogorjelica II (1050m – 9 minutes)
  • Gondola Emir Kusturica (1100m – 3 minutes)
  • Ski slope 2, 2a (red)
  • Ski slope 3, 3a, 3b (red)
  • Ski slope Novak Djokovic 8, 8a, 8b (blue)

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