Poljice Jahorina

Poljice, the pearl of Jahorina, represents the heart and soul of this mountain beauty. It is the place where all enchantments happen, whether it’s summer or winter. Poljice is the epicenter of all activities.

In winter, Poljice transforms into a true skiing hub. This idyllic part of Jahorina offers numerous hotels, cafes, restaurants, and ski services that cater to all the needs of winter sports enthusiasts. With easily accessible parking, visitors can effortlessly reach Poljice. There is also a well-organized composition of ski lifts, including the Poljice Gondola. At the Gondola’s exit station, visitors encounter the Olimp bar, where they can enjoy warm beverages while admiring the beautiful landscape. Adjacent to it is an artificial lake that further enriches the overall experience.

The Poljice ski slope is not only a challenge for experienced skiers but also a paradise for those who love night skiing. The illuminated slope provides a special atmosphere, transforming Poljice into a magical environment. Night skiing has become popular among visitors of all ages.

In summer, Poljice does not lose its charm. Installed summer facilities make this place ideal for warm weather enthusiasts as well. Butterfly, Nautic Jet, and Loopster are just some of the adrenaline challenges visitors can experience. The Alpine Coaster, with its descent station at Poljice, offers a fast ride down the mountain, allowing guests to feel the wind in their hair and enjoy panoramic views.

All these amenities make Poljice a central point on Jahorina, attracting people throughout the year. Whether they come for skiing, relaxing in cafes, or enjoying summer adrenaline challenges, Poljice is an indispensable destination.

  • Six-seater Poljice Chairlift (1500 m – 4.5 minutes)
  • Poljice Ski Lift I (560 m – 3 minutes)
  • Ski slope 1, 1b (blue)
  • Ski slope 1c, 1a (red)
  • Ski slope 7 (blue)

check Six-seater, Ski lift
check Restaurant & Cafe
check Parking space
check Artificial snowmaking
check Night skiing

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