Olympic Center Jahorina is offering a 50% discount on ski passes for the season opening

For all skiing enthusiasts, Jahorina has prepared an unforgettable start to the season – Ski Opening from December 7th to 12th, 2023. This year, visitors can take advantage of a fantastic 50% discount on ski passes – for four days, three days, two days, and even single-day passes! Whether you are an experienced skier or […]

Zdravko Colic at the opening of the winter season on Jahorina

Skiing on Jahorina has already begun, and the grand opening of the ski season, known as Ski Opening Jahorina, will commence on December 7th and last until December 10th, 2023. As part of the Ski Opening event on Friday, December 8th, get ready for a magical night with the legendary Zdravko Colic, who will perform […]

The Olympic center “Jahorina” and the Ski center “Mavrovo” signed a cooperation agreement

The Olympic center “Jahorina” and the Ski center “Mavrovo” located in North Macedonia have signed a cooperation agreement, a step towards establishing a joint ski pass system. The goal of the agreement is to strengthen the connection between skiing destinations in this region, with a focus on sharing resources and experiences. The agreement represents a […]

Ski season begins on Jahorina today!

Jahorina proudly opens its slopes on Sunday, November 26th, becoming the first destination in the entire region to kick off the new ski season. The Olympic Center “Jahorina” has issued a statement announcing the start of this exciting season, illuminated by a generous discount of up to 70% on daily ski passes. Skiers will have […]

New Hiking trail in Dvorista, at the foot of Jahorina

In the idyllic setting of Dvorista, at the foot of Jahorina, a ten-kilometer hiking trail has been officially marked, immersed in beautiful nature and predominantly coniferous forests, enriched with viewpoints and springs. Dvorista represent a unique destination that attracts enthusiasts of Nordic skiing and sports competitions. This area, where prestigious FIS races and international biathlon […]

The first snowfall on Jahorina mountain

The snow cover blanketed Mount Jahorina this morning, where two centimeters of snowfall were recorded. Jahorina is currently experiencing cloudy and foggy weather with an air temperature of two degrees Celsius, as reported on the official website of the Olympic Center “Jahorina.” Given that it is only the first half of November, it is still […]

Olympic center ‘Jahorina’ introduced ‘corporate tickets’

The Olympic Center ‘Jahorina’ has introduced a new benefit for companies. Corporate tickets, which allow users to enjoy ten days of skiing during the season, have been introduced. What makes this ticket special is the fact that it is not personalized, meaning different individuals and business partners chosen by the company can use it. The […]

Three Days of Skiing on Jahorina with “Montenegro Ski Pass”

Today, the directors of the Olympic Center “Jahorina” and “Montenegro Ski Resorts,” Dejan Ljevnać and Đuro Milošević, signed a cooperation agreement in Kumbor. This agreement pertains to the use of ski passes at both destinations, contributing to the integration of two regional mountain centers. Promotional sales of seasonal ski passes for the upcoming ski season […]

Hiking Trail Opened on Jahorina

Today, on Jahorina, the opening of a 16-kilometer-long hiking trail marked World Tourism Day. This hiking trail is the foundation that will be developed in the coming period and expanded to the planned 46 kilometers of hiking trails. The total length of 16 kilometers covers two routes; one called Javorina, with a length of 6.6 […]