The Olympic Center “Jahorina” proudly announced a successful skiing season, emphasizing the crucial role of continuous operation and an efficient artificial snow system. Over 127 consecutive days, this system provided unforgettable experiences on the mountain, with a record-breaking 1.8 million passes and 250,000 visitors. This remarkable statistic underscores the importance of the center’s infrastructure in maintaining high skiing standards.

However, despite this success, they face key challenges after two warm winters. These unfavorable weather conditions have left a deep impact on mountain tourism, highlighting the need for urgent action to reduce prices to attract more tourists.

In line with this, summer tourism is seen as a crucial opportunity for recovery, especially considering climate change favoring this segment. It is expected that the tourism industry in this region, including Jahorina, will seize this opportunity to develop summer activities that will attract guests throughout the year.

In this context, the Olympic Center “Jahorina” appeals to all stakeholders to respond to this situation by reducing prices for ski passes, accommodation, and ancillary services.

Only in this way will it be possible to attract more tourists, and ensure that Jahorina remains a competitive destination on the tourist map. It is expected that this appeal will reach hoteliers and property owners on Jahorina, who are already preparing for the summer season.

Considering these efforts and perspectives, Jahorina is in an ideal position to continue providing unforgettable experiences and remain one of the leading tourist destinations in the region. This further confirms the role of the Olympic Center “Jahorina” as a key factor in maintaining and enhancing tourism in this area.