The summer season on Jahorina will officially begin on June 27, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy free activities. The director of the Olympic Center “Jahorina”, Dejan Ljevnaić, also announced a 50% discount on all activities throughout the season for residents of Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH.

At a press conference, Ljevnaić emphasized that Jahorina offers the most summer attractions in the region, including the longest alpine coaster in Southeast Europe, an adrenaline park, zipline, and panoramic cable car rides. “We are opening our Olimp Bar and lake attractions, as well as many other activities at the top of the mountain. This year, we are introducing a new attraction on the Poljice plateau – a trampoline suitable for both children and adults. Additionally, there are basketball and football courts, and we will organize numerous camps,” said Ljevnaić, adding that they expect the most visited season yet.

This year, Jahorina will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “Jahorina Ultra Trail” race, which already has 5,000 participants registered from around the world. The main prize for both men and women is a car. “The 100-mile race will start from Zelengora and pass through the most beautiful parts of Republika Srpska to Jahorina. Before the race, we will organize a camp for competitors who want to learn and meet the world’s best runner,” Ljevnaić stated.

Ljevnaić also announced that residents of all six municipalities within the city of East Sarajevo will have the opportunity to use all summer attractions for free from July 13-14, August 10-11, and September 7-8.

The President of the Supervisory Board of the Olympic Center “Jahorina”, Nedeljko Elek, emphasized that during the summer season, they are offering discounts on activities, forfeiting 50% of their profit to attract more tourists. “You can’t ask a public enterprise to make a profit with cheap tickets. Despite the challenges, we made a profit of 340,000 KM and increased the center’s assets by 26 million KM,” said Elek, highlighting the need for investments in road infrastructure.

The Mayor of East Sarajevo, Ljubiša Ćosić, praised the efforts of the Olympic Center and the Government of Republika Srpska in developing Jahorina’s tourism offerings. “Jahorina is unrecognizable today compared to ten years ago. We are working on improving the winter and summer seasons, and we plan to build a cycling and pedestrian path worth one million KM, which will be supported by the Government of Republika Srpska,” said Ćosić.

The Olympic Center “Jahorina” remains a key tourist and economic factor in the region, successfully facing challenges and providing diverse activities for visitors of all generations.