The Olympic Center (OC) “Jahorina” in collaboration with the Municipality of Pale organized the “Let’s Clean Jahorina Together” campaign today. The initiative aimed to preserve the natural beauty and cleanliness of the mountain area while raising ecological awareness among citizens and visitors. The campaign successfully collected 301 bags of trash.

Director of OC “Jahorina”, Dejan Ljevnaić, stated that 300 people registered for the clean-up event, divided into 18 groups, highlighting that everyone demonstrated the power of collective effort. “This has been our most successful campaign to date. We collected 301 bags of trash and several truckloads of tires that had been discarded at various dumpsites on the mountain. We also cleaned the course of the Prača River. The mountain is now exceptionally clean, and I hope it remains this way. The mountain’s beauty is preserved only if it is clean,” Ljevnaić said, adding that substantial investments have been made in the mountain’s preservation.

Jahorina - akcija "Očistimo Jahorinu
Olimpijski centar /OC/ “Jahorina” u saradnji sa opštinom Pale organizovao je danas akciju “Očistimo Jahorinu zajedno” s ciljem očuvanja prirodnih ljepota, čistoće planinskog područja i podizanja ekološke svijesti građana i posjetilaca u kojoj je prikupljena 301 vreća smeća.

As part of the campaign, the “Jahorina” Jiu-Jitsu Club from Pale planted 300 new seedlings. Ljevnaić emphasized that Jahorina boasts the most summer attractions and expects the best summer season yet, noting that many people come to see the pristine nature, clean streams, and forests, and it is crucial to maintain that beauty.

The Olympic Center “Jahorina” awarded certificates of appreciation to all participants, the Municipality of Pale, and the groups that supported the campaign.