Web cams on Jahorina

Welcome to Jahorina! On this page, you can view live cameras and access valuable information about the current weather conditions on the mountain, the status of ski slopes, and the snow depth, allowing you to plan your adventure in the best possible way. Whether you’re an avid skier or a visitor looking to simply enjoy the beauty of the mountain landscape, the web cameras will provide you with insight into life on the slopes.

Jahorina Live! Check the current conditions on the ski slopes. Ski information regarding the operation of vertical transport can be found here.

Attached, you can watch Jahorina TV’s YouTube live streaming, produced by Vivo Studio in collaboration with the Olympic Center Jahorina:

A beautiful view of the Poljice slope is offered from the Termag Hotel, as well as from the VIP Jahorina web cameras. The camera provides a 360° panoramic view. You can check out other web cameras on their website.
Web cam Ogorjelica šestosjed
Web cam Poljice sa hotela Rajska dolina

Web cam Poljice Šator 7a 7b
Web cam Rajska dolina
Web cam visina snijega
To the left is the camera from the starting station of the Poljice Six-seat Chairlift, and to the right are cameras from the Rajska Dolina Hotel overlooking Poljice. These include cameras on the Poljice ski slope – Šator 7a and 7b, a camera in Rajska Dolina, and snow depth information. All cameras are owned by VIP Jahorina, and you can view them in detail on their website.
The best camera at the top of the mountain installed by Jahorina Prestige. Exit station of the Poljice Gondola.
Web cam izlazna stanica Gondole Poljice
Web cam Poljice Ski staza

Web cam Poljice sa hotela Vučko
Web cam Rajska dolina

Web cam šestosjed Ogorjelica

To the left is a rotating camera installed at the exit station of the Poljice Gondola. On the right, there are cameras positioned on Poljice above the Staza restaurant and at Hotel Vučko, as well as cameras in Rajska Dolina where the ski lift and the Ogorjelica six-seat chairlift can be seen.

By clicking on the photo, you can view larger images on the Jahorina Prestige website.

You can view the live camera on Poljice, capturing the ski lift and the Poljice six-seat chairlift, on the Ski.ba website. An advantage is the ability to observe the frequency of skiers’ and guests’ movements in nearby restaurants, cafes, and ski services. The camera is located at Hotel Sport.