Ravna planina

Ravna Planina, located near Pale, between Jahorina and Romanija, represents a true marvel of nature that has evolved into a beautiful tourist center. With its expansive landscapes and diverse offerings, this destination provides visitors with an unforgettable experience in all seasons.

Once a secluded spot primarily intended for hikers, Ravna Planina has become a true gem of the region, attracting tourists to ski slopes in winter, lakes, and refreshing escapes in the summer. Today, Ravna Planina offers a wide range of entertainment options, a natural retreat, and an active holiday experience.

One of the most impressive attractions on Ravna Planina is the modern cable car that takes visitors to the summit. This cable car not only provides spectacular views of the surroundings but also offers easy access to the artificial lakes at the top. Whether you are a skiing enthusiast, a hiker, or simply want to enjoy the pure mountain air, the cable car is an excellent way to explore this beautiful area.

The tourist center on Ravna Planina offers diverse accommodation options tailored to different needs and budgets of visitors. Accommodations are located within the apartment complex of the Majnex company, which is the driving force behind this project and the tourism development of the mountain.

Restaurants on Ravna Planina offer a feast for food enthusiasts. Traditional local cuisine is served in a peaceful environment with spectacular views of the mountain. Visitors can savor local flavors while relaxing in a pleasant ambiance.

Walking trails on Ravna Planina give visitors the opportunity to explore untouched nature and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

For adrenaline enthusiasts, Ravna Planina offers trails for quad biking and cycling. At the summit of Ravna Planina, there are two artificial lakes that further enrich the landscape. These lakes not only provide a beautiful scene but also offer opportunities for various activities such as swimming, fishing, or simply enjoying a barbecue by the tranquil lake. These water elements contribute to the harmonious experience of nature at this mountain top.

Ravna Planina has transformed into a true tourist paradise, offering everything needed for a complete rest and adventure. Whether you are a skiing enthusiast, a nature lover, or an adventurer, Ravna Planina has something for everyone. This is a place where natural beauty, comfort, and diverse activities come together, providing an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

Ski centar Ravna planina

  • 12.5 km on 2 ski slopes (blue and red)
  • 1400 m main ski slope
  • 800 skiers per hour ski lift
  • 2200 skiers per hour gondola
  • 18,2 km from Sarajevo
  • 2,2 km from Pale

check Gondola & ski lift
check Ski service
check Ski kindergarten
check Restaurant & Cafe
check Parking space (1000 spots)
check Artificial snowmaking
check Night skiing
check Great for families

Accommodation on Ravna planina

Apartment Ravna planina 119

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6 3 1 63 m²m2

Apartment Ravna planina 112

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4 2 1 30 m²m2

Apartment Ravna planina 420

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4 1 1 36 m²m2

Apartment Ravna planina 209

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4 2 1 40m2

Apartment Ravna planina 201

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6 4 1 47 m²m2