Jahorina - Journey through the enchanting world of mountain beauty

Panorama Jahorine
Welcome to the enchanting world of Jahorina, a mountain paradise that mesmerizes with its beauty and provides unforgettable experiences throughout the year. Nestled in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Jahorina is not only a synonym for a winter skiing haven but also a hidden oasis of adventure that comes to life in the summer. This mountain, situated above clouds and forests, holds the title of one of the most recognizable tourist gems in the region, enticing visitors with its natural grandeur and diverse activities. Whether you’re an adrenaline enthusiast, a passionate hiker, or simply seeking peace in nature, Jahorina offers experiences that will captivate you and leave lasting memories. Join us in the story of Jahorina, where the beauty of nature, rich culture, and unforgettable adventures await exploration.
This impressive mountain is not just a collection of trails and peaks; it’s a vibrant world that transforms each season into a kind of marvel. Jahorina, with an elevation of 1916 meters, dominates the landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina, making it one of the most renowned mountain destinations in the region. With its spectacular snow-covered peaks in winter and meadows flooded with lush greenery in summer, Jahorina is a destination that captivates with its versatility. Whether you’re an adventurous skier ready for downhill thrills or seeking peace in the embrace of nature, Jahorina will irresistibly attract you with its charm. The winter magic, with endless ski slopes and snow parks, awaits adventurers ready for adrenaline highs. Yet, there are also other pleasures, such as gastronomic diversity, cultural events, and relaxation in wellness centers. For nature enthusiasts, expansive trails through mountain hills and peaks with lush forests in the summer will provide tranquility and serenity.

Jahorina in Winter

Skiing and Snowboarding

The glistening of the white blanket and the excitement of descending steep slopes await skiers and snowboarders on Jahorina, making it a winter paradise for enthusiasts of winter sports. Here’s a detailed description of ski slopes, snow parks, and other skiing facilities, with a focus on various difficulty levels to cater to all skiing skill levels.

Ski slopes

Olympic Center Jahorina is equipped with the most modern “SnowFactory” artificial snowmaking system, designed for snow production regardless of air temperature.

Jahorina offers a total of 52 kilometers of alpine slopes, with even 80% covered by artificial snowmaking. Additionally, nearly 12 kilometers of slopes are illuminated for night enjoyment. For night skiing, the slopes Poljice, Novak Djokovic, Praca, and Trnovo are ready.

In one hour, the vertical transport on Jahorina can carry around 32,000 skiers with 16 vertical transport installations. Snowboarding enthusiasts can enjoy the “Snowboard Park”, located on the Trnovo slope, covering an area of up to 3,000 square meters.

Ski map

Ski Kindergartens provide optimal support for the youngest and beginners in the world of skiing. Jahorina continues to attract professional skiers as an ideal destination for preparations and training. With 11 homologated ski slopes and a total of 8.5 kilometers of trails that meet FIS standards, Jahorina is ready to host the most prestigious world competitions.

Winter activities

The winter magic on Jahorina knows no bounds when it comes to skiing, providing diverse activities for all visitors, regardless of skiing experience.

For the youngest and those who enjoy sledding, there are slopes that stretch up to 600 meters. The popular sledding track is located at Poljice, specifically on trail 7, and is open every day from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

For enthusiasts of quieter moments, Jahorina offers enchanting winter trails that lead through fairy-tale landscapes. Walks along untouched snowy paths allow you to enjoy the silence of nature and immerse yourself in a winter wonderland. For those seeking something a bit more extreme, you can enjoy snowshoeing. There are both day and night, organized and guided tours, which will take you on snowshoes over Gola Jahorina or Kalajidža rocks.

Snowmobiling on Jahorina provides an exciting combination of speed and adrenaline, especially enhanced by the mountainous landscapes. Follow instructions when renting snowmobiles and heed the guide’s advice to ensure safety is at the highest possible level.

One of the 68 cabins of the Poljice gondola on Jahorina provides a VIP experience with a night panoramic ride. Equipped with LED effects, the VIP cabin offers a special and festive experience, with an incredible view of the mountain. Jahorina offers an unforgettable experience of snow grooming machine (ratrak) rides, attracting the attention of both skiers and visitors. As part of the ratrak ride, there are also “Ski Sunrise” and “Ski Sunset” options, where rides in the early morning or evening hours conclude with visits to the Olympic bar at the top of the mountain.

Après-ski entertainment

After enjoying the winter joys, Jahorina offers an incredibly vibrant après-ski scene that will satisfy everyone’s taste. Here are a few popular places and must-attend events awaiting visitors after skiing:

1. Olympic Bar:

The Olympic Bar at the top of the Poljice slope becomes the epicenter of après-ski entertainment. With stunning views of the mountain peaks, visitors can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and music.

2. Cafés and Restaurants:

Many local restaurants and cafes on Jahorina transform into lively places after sunset. Enjoy traditional local cuisine, live music, and a friendly atmosphere.

3. Themed Events:

The Olympic Center Jahorina organizes various themed events throughout the season, providing visitors with unique experiences. Concerts, themed nights, DJ performances – these are all elements that make après-ski entertainment unforgettable.

Accommodation and Hospitality Services

Jahorina, known for its extraordinary winter experience, offers diverse accommodation options tailored to the needs and desires of winter visitors. Additionally, the hospitality services on the mountain represent a true delight for every taste.


Hotel Sport Jahorina
Jahorina offers luxury hotels located along the slopes, providing guests with an unforgettable stay in the heart of winter magic. With wellness centers, fine dining restaurants, and comfortable rooms, hotels on Jahorina represent the perfect blend of comfort and natural surroundings.


For those seeking privacy and flexibility, apartments on Jahorina provide a homely atmosphere with their own kitchens and spacious living rooms. These accommodation spaces allow guests to tailor their stay to their own needs, providing a sense of warmth and comfort.


Wooden weekend house on Jahorina
Cottages on Jahorina offer exclusive accommodation near the ski slopes. With private amenities such as saunas and more, these cottages provide an intimate experience combined with top-notch comfort. They are ideal for those seeking relaxation in a natural setting.

Featured accommodation

Apartment Centrala one bedroom

5/5 Excellent 2043 Reviews
4 2 1 32m2

Apartment Rajska one bedroom

0/5 Not Rated 0 Reviews
4 2 1 32m2

Apartment Rajska three-bedroom II

5/5 Excellent 9 Reviews
8 6 2 90m2

Jahorina in the summer

In the summer, Jahorina reveals its unique beauty through its mountain peaks and hills. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views that provide an unforgettable panoramic experience. Dense forest trails conceal the secrets of Jahorina’s nature. Popular trails like the “Staze ljubavi” (Lovers’ Trails) offer an oasis of peace and beautiful landscapes. Diverse flora and fauna make Jahorina a true paradise for nature enthusiasts in the summer. In the summer, Jahorina offers facilities by an artificial lake located at the top of the mountain.

Outdoor Activities


Woman hiking on Jahorina mountain. Walks through the dense forest using trekking poles. Smile on his face and sunglasses. Sun's rays break through the forest

Jahorina offers endless possibilities for hiking in the summer. Visitors can choose trails tailored to every level of experience, exploring untouched nature.

Alpine coaster

Screaming girl on Jahorina mountain riding mountain roller coaster with outstretched arms. Forest in background

Experience an incredible adrenaline ride on the longest mountain coaster in the region! With its 2.5 kilometers in length and a speed of up to 40 km/h, this is one of the ten largest alpine coasters in all of Europe.


Mountain biking on Jahorina

Cycling on Jahorina is an exciting way to explore the mountainous environment, enjoying the charms of nature while passing through dense forests and meadows.

Adventurous Activities

Zip-line at the top of Jahorina
For those craving adrenaline challenges, Jahorina in the summer offers various adventurous opportunities. Within the center, there is an Adrenaline Park that provides a Zip-line and facilities called Butterfly, Nautic Jet, Loopster, Tower, and SkyDive.

Gondola Ride

Riding the Poljice Gondola on Jahorina
Cycling on Jahorina is an exciting way to explore the mountainous environment, enjoying the charms of nature while passing through dense forests and meadows.


Paraglider Jahorina

The adventurous spirit of visitors can soar to the skies with paragliding from the peaks of Jahorina. Experienced instructors guide the flights, providing incredible views of the mountain peaks and the Prača Valley.

Children's Activities

Tubing on Jahorina
Experience unforgettable moments in the Adventure Park with high tree canopies, bridges, and tightrope walks. For the youngest, the Children’s Park offers safe and joyful fun tailored to their age. Feel the speed and joy on the Tubing track, providing an exciting experience for all generations.

Lake Attractions

Paddleboating on Lake Jahorina
Kayaking at an altitude of 1879 meters is not only excellent exercise but also a unique experience in touch with nature. With a giant bubble-like inflatable ball, navigate the lake, experiencing immense fun and laughter. A refreshing pedal boat ride on the lake high above the clouds provides an unforgettable experience of enjoying nature!

Karting and XRaycer

Riding the Poljice Gondola on Jahorina
Experience the thrill of fast racing on Jahorina with Karting and XRaycer offerings! Test your driving skills on the track while enjoying adrenaline adventures, providing an unforgettable experience for speed enthusiasts at this mountain destination.

Additional Information and Contact

Enjoy an incredible experience on Jahorina, where the combination of natural beauty and diverse activities offers visitors throughout the year. Skiing and snowboarding, adrenaline rides on the Alpine coaster, hiking, kayaking on the artificial lake, or relaxing on the terrace with a panoramic view – Jahorina has something for everyone!

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