Rajska dolina Jahorina

Rajska Dolina, located on Jahorina, represents a unique haven for winter sports enthusiasts. This part of the mountain stands out with its abundance of ski slopes and a diverse range of ski lifts, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience.

The central part of Rajska Dolina is characterized by the Rajska six-seater, a modern lift that ascends to the mountain’s summit. This lift offers an efficient and swift means of transporting skiers to the highest peaks, opening up unforgettable vistas of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, there is the old and legendary Olimpik ski lift, situated where the Cvijanova cable car used to be.

The Javor double-seat ski lift presents another attractive option, providing skiers with additional flexibility in exploring the terrain. At the exit station, near this lift, there is a notable feature of Rajska Dolina – a small lift leading to the starting point of the black ski slope Olimpijski spust number 6b, where the 1984 Olympics were held.

The Skičine six-seater and double-seat ski lift on the red slopes 6, 61, 6b, 6c towards Prača further expand the skiing possibilities in Rajska Dolina. These slopes offer diverse terrains and fantastic landscapes, catering to skiers of all skill levels.

Rajska Dolina, with its diverse array of slopes and lifts, creates the perfect environment for indulging in the winter wonders of Jahorina. From here, perfect views unfold of landscapes and distant mountains to the east.

Rajska dolina

  • Six-seater Rajska (700m – 2.2 minutes)
  • Ski lift Olimpik (620m – 6 minutes)
  • Ski lift Javor (670m – 3.4 minutes)
  • Ski lift Spust (150m – 1.4 minutes)
  • Six-seater Skočine (1310m – 6 minutes)
  • Ski lift Prača (980m – 4.4 minutes)
  • Ski slope 4, 4a, 4b (red)
  • Ski slope 5 (black)
  • Ski slope 5a (red)
  • Ski slope 6b (black)
  • Ski slope 6, 6a, 6b, 6c (red)

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check Restaurant & Cafe
check Parking space
check Artificial snowmaking

Accommodation on Rajska - Jahorina

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