The Olympic center “Jahorina” and the Ski center “Mavrovo” located in North Macedonia have signed a cooperation agreement, a step towards establishing a joint ski pass system. The goal of the agreement is to strengthen the connection between skiing destinations in this region, with a focus on sharing resources and experiences.

The agreement represents a significant move towards integrating skiing destinations from Slovenia to North Macedonia, offering a unique experience for winter sports enthusiasts. The formation of a shared ski pass is expected to facilitate easy access to various ski resorts, creating a strong alliance with the potential to attract the global sports community.

The collaboration between the Olympic center “Jahorina” and the Ski center “Mavrovo” aims to create an attractive skiing destination, drawing in more tourists and contributing to a substantial increase in tourism in North Macedonia. The newly established flight between Skopje and Sarajevo is anticipated to significantly contribute to an increased number of tourists in both ski centers. The planned flight schedule provides flexibility for visitors seeking to enjoy the winter charms of these destinations.