The Olympic Center ‘Jahorina’ has introduced a new benefit for companies. Corporate tickets, which allow users to enjoy ten days of skiing during the season, have been introduced.

What makes this ticket special is the fact that it is not personalized, meaning different individuals and business partners chosen by the company can use it.

The announcement also highlights the possibility of a 10% discount on six-day tickets and more if tickets are purchased by October 31. Additionally, with a Mastercard, visitors will receive an additional 10% discount on six-day tickets.

The Olympic Center ‘Jahorina’ recently successfully promoted the winter season in Belgrade and London, attracting significant public attention, which testifies to the growing enthusiasm for this ski center.

These events were preceded by the ceremonial signing of contracts and the renewed collaboration with ‘Montenegro Ski Resorts,’ marking the continuity of the long-standing partnership between the Olympic Center ‘Jahorina’ and other renowned ski resorts.

The Olympic Center ‘Jahorina’ also collaborates successfully with ski resorts in Romania and Slovenia, where users of some of these resorts can use three-day tickets for Jahorina’s slopes for free.

We are pleased to announce that visitors from this year will be able to enjoy these privileges at the ‘Igrišta’ Ski Center, as stated in the announcement.

The Olympic Center ‘Jahorina’ is preparing for upcoming promotions in Podgorica, Bucharest, and Budapest.