Jahorina is not among the mountains with difficult slopes; instead, the slopes on Jahorina are mostly divided between blue – easy and red – medium difficulty, practically splitting the mountain in half. Of the black slopes, there is the 6b trail, where the Olympic downhill was held; however, this trail is not in operation for skiers.

Blue slopes are on the right side of the mountain, accessible from Poljice and the Emir Kusturica Gondola, located near Ogorjelica, while red slopes are on the left side of the mountain, accessible from Ogorjelica and Rajska Dolina.

Ski lift Poljice I sa stazama 1b i 7, te Šestosjed Trnovo sa stazom 9
Ski lift Poljice I with trails 1b and 7, and Six-seat Trnovo with trail 9

However, not all blue slopes are easy for beginners! If you have mastered the basics of skiing with a ski instructor and dared to ski alone, perhaps it is best to start by using Ski lift 7 Poljice I and slowly descend to the left side of trail 1b through the forest, return to Poljice, or when you exit the lift, go right to trail 7, which is also great for beginners.

If you are staying in the Šator settlement, a good start might be the six-seat 9 Trnovo and gentle trail number 9, which was recently opened. If you are a beginner, you should definitely try it before descending from the top of the mountain.

Gondola Poljice sa stazom 1 i 1b namjenjenoj početnicima
Gondola Poljice with trails 1 and 1b, intended for beginners

Once you surpass that level, it’s time to go to the top of the mountain with Gondola Poljice and descend the trail 1, then 1b. This is one of the most beautiful trails on Jahorina, and you will truly enjoy it. After that, you can try the entire trail 1, which has its most challenging part, the descent at the end, visible from Poljice.

After that, the blue slopes 8, as well as the red 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, should not be too demanding. Skiers like to cross from Poljice to the Ogorjelice trails. Jahorina is special in that regard because it is possible to combine states and practically descend from the top of Poljice, over Ogorjelice, to Prača.

Anyway, it’s up to you to explore, but if you are coming to the mountain for the first time or are a beginner, be sure to remember this recommendation.

Check out the complete ski map of Jahorina.